Model Layout Services

Track Laying and Electrics not your thing? Does under your Layout look like a spaghetti junction of wiring? Well we have the answer. We provide a full electrical service to all our customers, working to agreed plans. We include track, points and junctions, lighting and control panels. Our wiring is neat and tidily colour coordinated to ensure you have no concern of catching wires and breaking links. Connectors are used to link the boards with ease.

Bespoke Projects

We can create custom Baseboards to fit any room or configuration that you require, working to track plans provided or helping you create a plan to suit your needs.


We can complete full electrics allowing you to have an ‘up and running’ model railway on delivery. This lets you enjoy creating the scenery and models for your layout while watching your rolling stock pass by.


We can lay track onto your new Baseboard prior to delivery. We can follow your exact plans or help you to create a new configuration. We can help you to have your new model railway project ready in no time.

Bespoke Layouts


Why not have your bespoke Model Railway Baseboards arrive with the track laid, ballast spread and sprayed, turntables and platforms in places, and all electrics working and linked to your chosen control system. All you need do is decide which engine to run first.

White Rose Modelworks has become one of the leading providers of Model Railway Layouts in the country due to the high standard of work delivered.

We work closely with our clients to create a railway layout that most suits their needs and deliver a layout which is at a point the client is ready to start from. Often customers just require custom Baseboards to snuggly fit a room, while some require the track to be laid and many people like all electrical works to be completed along with some of the scenics, like Backscenes, Platforms and Ballasting.

We create working Model Railway Layouts of any size or intricacy - from a simple double loop track to a specific geographical area of interest to you. No two customers have the same plans so our railway layouts are all made to order and no layout is ever reproduced for another client.

Our craftsman also deliver and erect your new Model Railway Layout directly to your home, test running with your engines and controllers, before leaving you with nothing more than the fun to enjoy.

We really do provide a unique and personalised service to accommodate each customers desires, helping your track plans become a reality.

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