Joining Packs


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Product description

Our unique Plug and Latch system can be recreated in your own home by using our Joining Packs.  Our 'up and over' Catches and Latches, used in conjunction with our Dowels, provide a secure and sturdy connection between Baseboards.  Baseboards can then be easily disconnected for transportation or storage.

We offer 3 different Joining Packs to create the shaped Layout you require:

Joining Pack A - Straight Connection (two straight Catches and Latches)

Joining Pack B - 90 Degree Connection (one straight and one internal corner Catch and Latch)

Joining Pack C - T Connection (two internal corner Catches and Latches)

Our Joining Packs contain two Catches and Latches, along with two of our Dowels.  Ideal for joining Baseboards along the width side.  For connections along the length of our Baseboards we would recommend additional Dowels to ensure a sturdy connection.

Product delivery

We aim to deliver all Flat Pack Kit orders within 6-12 working days.  For Assembled products our current timescale is 7-10 weeks, but we will try and get your order out before then.

If you prefer to collect you order from our Workshop, we will notify you when your order is ready.  We would then ask you to make an appointment, either by phone or email, to arrange a suitable time to collect.