Our Baseboard construction consists of a 9mm top surface, with sides of 15mm x 90mm around the edges; these are Moisture Resistant M.D.F. from Medite sourced from Southern Ireland using FSC. We also offer an upgrade to your Baseboard with a Cork and Neoprene top which is glued to the 9mm M.D.F surface. This comes in 1.5mm or 3mm thickness.
All corners have an interlock joint which is glued and pinned. Bonded to the underside of the top is 36mm High-Density Fire Retardant Polystyrene to stabilise the top surface, which will therefore maintain a flat and even surface. Triangular boards are available for internal corners and cut offs. We can also offer under baseboards for secondary lower levels and raised sections for higher levels, these can be connected with our Helices or as plans require.
Our Baseboards are made to set modular sizes starting at 300mm and increasing in 100mm increments up to 1000mm. Standard lengths are 1200mm and 1600mm, shorter and slimmer sizes can be made to your requirements but will be charged at the nearest standard size. 900mm and 1000mm widths are only manufactured up to 1200mm in length.  All our Baseboards come complete with our unique plug and latch system and all fittings are included. No leg braces are needed. The finish is sanded to 150 grit.
Baseboards can be designed to fit any area, working around rooms and furniture to ensure maximum space is utilised in the area you have available for your Model Railway. Our expert and craftsman can help you design the layout of your choice to help you achieve the most from your space and the bespoke Model Railway you’ve always wanted.