Baseboard Configurator

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Product description

If you’re looking for quick and simple Baseboards available for home construction then our Laser Cut Baseboards could be the boards for you. When ordering our precision Laser Cut Baseboards at this time, they will be made from either MDF or from Chinese hard word face plywood ( light mahogany colour) made with 9mm sides and surface, and 6mm spine and ribs, making them light and durable and ideal for exhibition use. Our Laser Cut Baseboards come in set modular lengths and widths, with 90mm sides and a 9mm surface, making the overall depth 99mm.  Pilot holes are situated every 75mm, along all sides and ends, for precise connection.

Our Laser Cut Baseboards are available in Flat Pack Kit format, to be easily constructed in your home following our simple instructions. Alternatively our Laser Cut Baseboards can be Assembled (glued, pinned and sanded) in our workshop by our craftsman ready for collection or delivery. If you choose to have your Baseboards Assembled and Connected, we build and connect the Baseboards into your desired configuration using our sturdy and secure, unique, plug and latch system.  We then fit any other parts, such as Legs, Backscenes, Control Shelves, leaving you nothing more than to unwrap and click the Baseboards into place in your room. (If you are purchasing one standalone Baseboard and you would like the Legs/Backscenes to be fitted, please select the Assembled and Connected option)

Our Laser Cut Baseboards come in 7 standard lengths and up to 6 widths making the configuration options and overall layout sizes endless.  

* Baseboards widths 300mm to 450mm have no Spine, 600mm Baseboards have one Spine and 900mm Baseboards have two Spines.

When placing an order could you please state which material you require your boards to cut from. If you require a lightweight board then choose Chinese Ply.


Product delivery

We aim to deliver all Flat Pack Kit orders within 6-12 working days.  For Assembled products our current timescale is 7-10 weeks, but we will try and get your order out before then.

If you prefer to collect you order from our Workshop, we will notify you when your order is ready.  We would then ask you to make an appointment, either by phone or email, to arrange a suitable time to collect.